Math Songs: Times Tables Learn Math in a fun way!

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I am happy to announce that the Math Songs: Times Tables Apps are now available! There is an App for 1x-6x times tables and 7x-12x times tables! Each App has 6 exciting songs to learn the times tables, and 6 fun quiz games to test your knowledge. Great for kids, and even adults to brush up on your Math Skills. Please check the link, or search Math Songs Times Tables in your local App store. Happy Math Learning!

This is a video from the 1x-6x tables App! The apps are available for iPad, and iPhone.

New Food Video For Kids!

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Kids love to be told they are “Big kids” by eating well. I made this video to teach some important phrases like, ” I can eat a lot” and “I like spaghetti.” I also made some fun hand movements and dances, because the singing and dancing combined makes for a great learning experience. So have a look, and please let me know, ” Are you a big kid?”

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Teaching Children The Weather in the ESL Classroom

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Repetition is important when teaching young children. Actions are also really important, as many children learn with their hands, as well as by listening and speaking. In this fun weather song video, I use actions and words to teach the basics of weather in English. My students have a lot of fun with this song, and I hope yours will, too!

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Handwriting Practice with a Chant

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page1a I have had good success with getting my elementary students to read with a combination of practicing phonics, and handwriting. At first I wasn’t sure if I should use handwriting with younger elementary age students, but I started and they love it. I don’t spend a lot of time with this each class, but at least a portion of each class is dedicated to practicing the phonics sounds, reading and writing.

New Materials-I have made some handwriting practice sheets, and even My First Handwriting Book a page of which is pictured here. Students can practice writing the letter, then a word that begins with the letter. I also made a free download chant that cooresponds with the vocabulary of this workbook. I recommend reading through the words with your students, then practice the chant while they point to the word in the book. Reading is also part memorization, so this simple exercise will help them memorize their first words! You can find all of these free materials on the Dream English phonics page here, let me know how it goes!

It’s a dog: flashcards and more!

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dog_icon1 One of the really fun things about Dream English for me is hearing from people all over the world. One comment I have received pretty often over the last year is, “The songs are great, but I wish you had other materials.” So, its taken awhile, but we are starting to get some flashcards, worksheets, and coloring up on the site. I couldn’t be more excited about this!

Song: It’s a Dog

If you want to see what direction Dream English is going in with all of this, check out the It’s a Dog song page. There you can download for free, the song mp3, the new flashcards!, coloring pages, and writing worksheets for your elementary age students. So check it out and let us know what you think!

The Question Line Drill

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This is a really simple thing I do usually at the end of my classes. So far I have only used this with students from 6 years and up. I ask them to make a line facing me, and then start asking them questions one by one. After the student has answered the question, I ask them to go to the back of the line. I don’t know why, but the students really love this. Here is an example of how I do it:

Me: What’s Your Name?

Student 1: My name is Kenta

Me: Nice to meet you Kenta, go to the back of the line!

And so on, I usually ask all the students the same question until the end of the line, then start a new question. Sometimes I ask a different question to each student too. This keeps them listening, and not just repeating the answer they heard from the student in front of them.

I also always ask the students to go through the line once or twice and ask me a question. So give it a try and have fun. Your students will have fun for sure!

Easter game for elementary school students

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We played a fun game today in my elementary school class. It was an Easter Egg Hunt, with a twist. I wrote down a bunch of questions on little pieces of paper, and put them in small easter eggs. Then I asked the students to close their eyes and count to ten, and hid the eggs around the classroom. Next I asked the students to go find one egg. Once they found the egg, they came back and sat down and had to read the question inside the egg and answer it. It is a really simple game, but the kids loved it and asked to play again three times! Each time I asked them what color their egg was, and made them pick a different color egg the next time. This meant that each time they had a new question.


If your students are really good at writing, you could first ask them to write the questions on the paper. We used, “What’s your name? What color is your shirt? Where do you live? etc.” Also, if you don’t want to use plastic easter eggs, you could just fold up the paper and put it around the room.

Have fun!

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