I started Dream English to make great songs for children to sing along with and learn English. Of course, I wanted to make the music enjoyable for adults too. I hope you like it! 


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  1. Hello Matt!!! I would like to thank you for your wonderfull sites! I use your songs and listenings almost every lesson every day!!!I can hardly imagine my teaching without your wonderfull chants and simple songs!!!I wish you good health and God bless you in your work!!!!
    Hugs from Ukraine))

  2. Hello Victoria! Thank you for choosing the Dream English materials. It is really great to hear that they are so useful!

  3. HI Matt, I have just recently found your site thru youtube and discovered how much music can help all of us, me included, to have fun. THanks for all your great teaching tips youpost here and on youtube.

    • Hi Lisa, I’m happy you find the materials and songs helpful! You are very welcome!

  4. Matt, really really I’m grateful to you for your songs and mini lesson plans. I don’t know what would I do without your materials at that time! I wish you a happy&healthy life! 🙂

    Greetings from a Turkish Erasmus student from Poland!

    • Hi Ceren, You are very welcome! I am always happy to hear that what I do is helpful. Thanks for your kind words, and all the best!

  5. Hi Matt, my son (Alex) is 3 years old and he is your #1 fan. he even likes playing guitar like you :), he has been learning to talk from your songs he knows almost all of them, he has autism and you have been the #1 therapy for him. God Bless you for all you do and wish all the happiness for you.
    T H A N K Y O U…. #1 fan from Pasadena Texas!!!!!!!!

    • Hi, I’m happy to hear this. Please tell Alex that I say “hello” and thanks for watching the videos! -Matt

  6. Hi Matt,




    Uyen (Vietnamese)

    • Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for your kind note, you are welcome!

  7. I´ve just come across your blog on wordpress, but I´ve been using the wonderful songs you´ve uploaded to you-tube with my young learners for a long time, they are really educational! Thanks Matt!!

  8. Hi Matt
    Just wanna say my son absolutely adores you! He is 4 yr old and has autism. He now wants to dress n dance just like you, and wants to be a teacher when he grows up. Now everyone in our family knows knows your songs! They are great 🙂 oh he wants me to ask you where you got Sally and Tunes.

    • Thanks for your nice comment! I am happy to hear this about your son, please tell him that I say hello.
      Most of the puppets we have custom made, good question! Thanks again for your support, and all the best!

  9. Hi Matt,
    It´s 2018 and I still find your ideas great!! Thanks again for sharing your work with us.

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