What’s Your Name? Song

January 6, 2009 at 4:25 am | Posted in Children's Classes | 2 Comments

name-icon I recently made the What’s Your Name? song a free download. I really like this song, as it is one of the first songs I wrote for teaching children English.  I remember being in Tokyo playing this on guitar for my friend, a fellow teacher, and he said “you have to record this”. So that was kinda how this all started.

Anyway, you can preteach the vocab, or just put the song on and start singing. The kids will probably start singing along by the second verse. With smaller classes I point to each individual student and they sing, “My name is…” With larger classes, we all say our names together.


As pictured above I made a simple worksheet that students can write their name, age and draw a picture of themselves. Another fun thing to do after singing the song. Download the song and worksheet here.


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  1. Hello Matt!

    I have just been to your website and found it really good that you add flashcards and worksheets to work with your songs! It’s really fantastic!

    You are always improving your amazing website! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your effort… it’s really worth it!

    Best wishes and lots of success!


  2. Hi Patricia!
    You are welcome. We just started adding the worksheets and flashcards, so I am really happy to hear they are useful! Thank you, Matt

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