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I am reading a great book on teaching children called Practical English Language Teaching: Young Learners by Caroline T. Linse. I highly recommend it, as it has many great ideas for teaching English to children.

TPR Reading

One of the most useful things I have found in the book so far is on TPR Reading. It gave me the idea to teach books in a different way than I have in the past. I am teaching Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr. with illustrations by Eric Carle. I found a great website with flash cards of the animals in the book. Now when I read the book, I put the flash cards on the floor, and ask the students to touch them when I read the page with the animal. Then we repeat the text of the page together.

This action of touching the cards helps keep the students focused on the book, and excited to see the next page. Another way I read the book is to hand out the cards to the students, and when I read the page with their cards, they have to hold up the card and say it. Simple, but effective.

Reading Books in the Children’s ESL Classroom

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When I first started reading books to children in my classes, I admit that I didn’t fully understand the potential of a book. A book is not simply words and pictures, but a complete interactive lesson in itself. I discovered this by watching other teachers read to their classes.

Each page of a book is a world of questions: What do you see on this page? An apple? How many apples do you see? Let’s count,1,2,3…What color is the apple? and so on. Of course it is important to balance these questions with the reading of the text. However, I have found that asking these questions every few pages helps keep the children focused. As I have mentioned before, pacing is important.

My favorite books for teaching English to children are Brown Bear Brown Bear and Hungry Caterpillar both by Eric Carle. What are yours? 

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