New Counting Song and Flashcards

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onefish-icon So it’s a new year, and isn’t it nice to teach some new things? I actually wrote the One Fish Song at the end of last year, and have been using it lately in my classes. It teaches the counting of objects, in this case fish and cats.  I chose fish because the plural of fish is fish so it is an easy introduction. Next in the song we count cats. Cats has an s in the plural form so this is also a nice intro.

Free Flashcards too

If you have checked out the Dream English site lately, you have probably noticed that I am adding flashcards (as well as worksheets and coloring) so with this song you can download for free flashcards, a worksheet, coloring, and a game. So you can teach the vocab with the flashcards, sing the song, and then do some coloring or play a game. Sounds like a  lesson plan to me.

Connecting Songs

Now that there are more and more free songs and flashcards available from Dream English, you can begin to connect the songs. For example, today in a class with 1-3 year olds we did the One Fish Counting Song lesson, and the It’s a Dog Song lesson. These two songs go really well together since they both include animals. By the end of the lesson, the words were becoming very familiar to the kids. And how did we finish off the lesson? A book about dogs of course!

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