New Color Chants

February 19, 2009 at 12:43 am | Posted in Children's Classes, Teaching Tips:Chants | Leave a comment

yellow-icon2 Whenever I do a coloring activity with my younger students, we always start out reviewing the colors. First I say the color name, and then use I like, for example, ” red, I like red!” and have the students repeat.

I recorded two new chants with the color and I like vocabulary. I also made one, while I was at it, with ” I don’t like red.” So you can practice both if you like. Check them out here.

Why Chant?

I think it is helpful for the students to chant in the rhythm of the music. It helps them learn, unconciously, where the stress of the syllable is placed. It is also just a bit more fun! One thing you can do though is learn the chant with the free Dream English mp3’s and then just chant on your own, clapping your hands. Or you can use the music in your class. The choice is yours!

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