It’s a dog, “woof, woof!” Teaching about Animals

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I do a monthly children’s English radio segment on Love FM here in Japan where I am living. Each month we take a simple theme, and teach some phrases to go along. I also always end the segment by singing one of my Kids Songs

It’s a Dog

We had a lot of fun this month with animal sounds. Animal sounds that kids make when imitating animals are different in Japan than the USA, so it was really fun to compare them. For example, in the USA for dogs we say, “woof” or “bark”. In Japan its “wan, wan” very different!

The phrase we taught this month is, “It’s a dog” and “It’s a cat” simple but useful. I often go on walks with my kids and say, “Look! It’s a dog!” This is very useful English.

The Song

On Dream English Kids Songs Volume 1 there is a song called “It’s a Dog”. Whenever I teach this song, I always say the animal sounds while I am teaching it. The students really enjoy saying the animal sounds, and the name of the animal. To learn more about this song on the Dream English website, click here.

So have fun with animal sounds! Your students will have a lot of fun, and you will too!

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