A New Free Chant

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I am teaching clothing this month, and I made a chant to teach the vocabulary. It’s very simple and easy. I think chants are a nice way to introduce new vocabulary. In the long run I think songs are better for remembering words. The melody of the song somehow imprints the words in our brains. However, chants can be very effective learning tools. Check out the Clothing Chant here. Let me know how it goes!

Tell A Friend

There is an email button on the Dream English free song player on the website. If you click on that button it will open up a page and you can send an email to up to five friends at a time to tell them about a song. So if you like a song, and have 30 seconds, please help me by spreading the word. Thank you!


Happy New Year Chant- All Month Long!

January 11, 2008 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Teaching Tips:Chants | Leave a comment
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I ran into my friend Chris from English Event Company on the train today. Chris has been using Dream English Kids Songs to teach his students, and had some great ideas for teaching the Happy New Year Chant, which is a free download at Dream English. I have been teaching the chant by first teaching the words and actions, and then playing the chant and chanting/singing along. Chris used the opportunity to quiz his students, which I think is a great idea. He asked them, “Who can jump? Who can hop? Who can touch their nose?” After this he played the chant for his students, and they were all ready to go! Thanks Chris for the ideas! I’m going to be using the Happy New Year Chant all month long in my classes. I think the repetition is great for the students. Next time I am going to try a quiz! As for February… Well, I’ll just have to make a new chant for everyone. Stay tuned.

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