Finding your style

February 1, 2009 at 11:48 am | Posted in Children's Classes | Leave a comment

I got a nice email today from Kate in Poland, this is what she said about Dream English:

I must say that your songs are great. Simply, my children love them  because they are let me say “calm”.

When I first started teaching kids English, I observed a really fantastic teacher with a ton of energy. He was great, really in control of his class, the kids were excited and into it. He  was giving so much energy that he was turning red in the face from the heat. The kids loved him, and I thought I wanted to be  a teacher like that.

A little while later I was thrown in to teaching my own classes, and tried to imitate this energetic teacher. By the end of the first class, I was exhausted, and I did not have control of the students. It took me along while to find my style as a teacher. I learned that I can be energetic at points, and calm at others and use this dynamic to keep control. I also learned that simple things like making a funny facial expression can go along way with kids. I didn’t have to run around the whole class and exhaust myself.

I guess this idea is reflected in my songs, and I am happy to hear that it is working with other peoples students. Whatever your style or personality, finding it will go along way in helping your teaching, and the kids will appreciate you for who you are.


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