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December 2, 2008 at 7:15 am | Posted in Children's Classes | 2 Comments
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I was talking to my friend Mark from MES English the other day and we were talking about his podcast ESL Teacher Talk. I had listened to the podcast a few times before, and decided to download a new one. This time I popped it on my ipod and listened on the way to work. This episode was on TPR: Total Physical Response, and it is excellent. I listened to the podcast in the morning, and by the afternoon I was using new things I learned from it in my classes. That’s pretty cool. Check it out here.

Trying new ideas in class

As someone who develops ESl Materials, I am always trying out new things in my classes. I write a new song, and bring it to class and try it with my students. Sometimes it works well, and sometimes it falls flat : ) However, it’s this exploring, and trying, and learning with my students that I love. It keeps things fresh and keeps me going. I’m fortunate that in many of my teaching situations I have the opportunity to try new things. So if you feel yourself getting in a rut, try something new out, a new song, a new exercise, or even listen to a podcast for inspiration!



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  1. listened to your podcast on ESL Teacher Talk. Great stuff, I like your stuff and want to get try some of your songs out.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi Roger, Thanks, actually that is not me on the podcast, it is Mark from MES English and his friend Ron. It is excellent though. I’m glad you like the songs.

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