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This seems to be a popular subject these days. Yesterday in my elementary class (age 6-7) I used the Expressions 1 Warm up, and it went really well. First I pre-taught a bit of the vocabulary, then we did the chant. The kids really liked it. Afterward, I got some pens, and we practiced the part in the chant, “Can I borrow a pen? Yes, you can. Here you are, thank you!” First I had the students ask me one by one “Can I borrow a pen?” and I said,” Yes you can, here you are!” and they say, “Thank you!” Then I switched this, and I asked the students, “Can I borrow a pen”. Of course you can do this with any item, and if you have a larger class, try it in pairs. I have to say after using the chant, I had the best success so far with the students using this language.

Warm Up Video

I’ve blogged before about Richard from Genki English’s blog. It’s a great read, really informative and filled with lots of ideas. He made a great video series for teaching English to kids, and since we are talking about warm ups, I posted the warm up part below. By the way, I have updated my Teaching Children English with songs Ebook, and there is a special offer in the ebook from Genki English, so check it out here!


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