Summer School

July 31, 2008 at 12:21 am | Posted in Children's Classes | Leave a comment

We’re doing a summer school program for students from 4-9 years old. It’s a big age range, but we are covering basics each week, so it’s working really well. We are into our second week, and I thought I’d post my lesson plan for todays program. It is a 2 hour class, with a lesson, and an activity.

Today’s Lesson Plan: Food

1. Warm up -Sing the ABC Song.

2. Review last weeks lesson: last week we did the alphabet, numbers and basic questions,”What’s your name?, How old are you? ”

3. Food: First I will introduce the vocabulary to the students using the hand outs from MES English. Next I will introduce the language, “What’s your favorite food? I like pizza” and ask the students what there favorite food is. Once they are familiar with the vocabulary we will go onto the shopping game.

4. Shopping game: you can use flash cards, or little food pictures from magazines, or from the MES hand out. Make some paper money and distribute it to the kids, and give them a shopping bag. Any paper or plastic bag will do. Set up one or two shops with food, and have the kids shop, in English. Because my students are young today, I will teach them to say, ” I want an apple, please.” You may want to use, ” I would like an apple, please.” it’s up to you. Then the shop owner says “one dollar please” the student gives the money saying “here you are” then they move onto the next shop. If they are more advanced students they could also take turns being the shop owner.

This is just part of what I am doing today, and I hope you can find something useful for your own classes. For follow up material there are free Food chants at Dream English, free Food listening exercises at 123 Listening and free Food flashcards at MES English…. hmmm I’m hungry all of a sudden!


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