Using Puppets in Class

June 17, 2008 at 11:59 am | Posted in Children's Classes | 2 Comments

In the last few months I started using puppets every once in awhile in my kids classes. At first I felt a bit strange, but the more I got into it, the more the kids loved it. The way I use the puppets the most is to have one little hand puppet on each hand, and do a conversation. Having the puppets ask each other, “What’s your name?” or “How old are you?” is a great starter. Next, I have the puppets ask the students the same questions, and the students love it!

An instructional puppet video

I was surfing youtube, and I found this cool video about using puppets in the classroom. These guys take it to a whole new level, with really great puppets and cool idea. It’s from Brazil, and I love the music of Brazil. While your at it, check out their youtube channel. They have some other ESL related videos, and… some Brazilian live music videos!



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  1. Puppets are very powerful. Educators have also discovered that children learn much better if they’re having fun, (it’s obvious really) and we learn best through humour. So, have a laugh with your puppets and know it’s not just being silly.

    I believe silly is a serious business, as my latest blog post shows.

    Good luck with your puppets in the classroom. They will become your heroes soon.

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