What’s Your Name?

May 14, 2008 at 4:55 am | Posted in Children's Classes, Teaching ESL Songs | Leave a comment

My name is Matt! Nice to meet you. I have found teaching “What’s your name? My name is Matt!” can be a challenge with young learners. For the youngest ones, ages 2-4, I usually sing for them the What’s Your Name? song for a few weeks before I start asking them to answer. I like them to get used to the language first. Lately, I have even been using animal puppets to sing the song, and do a little play.

Dog Puppet: “What’s your name?”

Cat Puppet:” My name is Kitty Cat.”

Dog Puppet: ” Nice to meet you, Kitty Cat” and so on.

This is just another fun way to introduce the language, and lets the kids model a bit after the puppets.

Go Slowly

After singing the song and doing the little puppet show, I practice slowly with the children, at first just answering the question and saying, ” My name is ……” Some students get this faster than others. As with anything when teaching young kids, have fun and enjoy teaching, and the students will enjoy learning. If you have any great ideas for this, please let me (us!) know!

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