Teaching Children English with Chants

May 9, 2008 at 7:02 am | Posted in Teaching Tips:Chants | 12 Comments
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I didn’t used to use many Chants in my classes. I mainly focused on songs when I wanted to use music. Recently I have found that Chants can be really useful, and the kids enjoy them too!

What is a Chant?

A chant is simply vocabulary spoken over a background of music or rhythm. They are useful because something about the music energizes the students, and they have to pronounce the word in a rhythm. I found that in classes where I don’t see the students often, chant’s are great. For example, I teach at a few schools where I only see the children twice a month. In this situation, a chant is a lot easier to teach than a song. However, I also use chants often in my regular weekly classes. Also, if you are not comfortable with singing in front of your students, chants are useful.

Do you have any chants I can try out?

Funny you should ask : ) There are currently 10 Free Download Chants on the Dream English website. Here are the topics, click on a link to go to the page with the chant download, lesson ideas, and where available free flashcard links

ABC Phonics


Clothing (2 chants)

Days of the week

Happy New Year





Happy, er, chanting!

Update: There are now over 20 categories of free downloadable mp3 chants with 30 chants available on the Dream English site. Click here to go to the Dream English free chants page!


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  1. I dear I visit your beautiful website.Its great.I’m an English teacher a try to use different chants for my class.I agree with u .chants can play important role in learning English.again thank u so much.

  2. it’s helpful..

  3. dear…
    this is very helpful. My students enjoyed the time. We can leave the boredom and experience great time in learning.

  4. thankyou for taking the time to create all these materials for new teachers to use, you are an angel.

  5. thank you everyone for your nice comments, you are welcome!

  6. Hello,
    I teach english to italian kids.(I lived in the united states since I was born until when I was 16.)
    Your songs are great and think its a very good way to help children learn the language

    • Hi Lucy, thanks a lot! I’m glad you like the songs!

  7. Hello! I am an EFL teacher in Russia and I run my own private English Club for everybody. Your website is really very interesting, helpful and creative. I do agree with the opinion that such chants motivate and stimulate children’s desire and mind to learn English. Thanks a lot!
    PS Morgan

    • Hi Morgan, Thank you! I am happy you like the website, and the blog post.

  8. I’m an early childhood student in Ghana. Help me know more about the usefullness of CHANT

    • Hello. Good question. Chants are very useful to help students pronounce words in rhythm. They are also often repetitive and fun, so students practice vocabulary, in a fun and exciting way!

  9. Is of great help. Thanks

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