Sample English Lesson Plan 2-4 Year olds

May 3, 2008 at 3:15 am | Posted in Children's Classes, Uncategorized | 8 Comments

I have not written much lately because I have been busy working on Dream English Kids Songs Volume 2. It’s almost finished, and I am really excited about it. In the meantime, I thought it might be nice to write out some simple lesson plans for young students. These are just some ideas and I recommend adjusting them to your students particular needs.

30 Minute English Lesson for Beginner 2-4 year olds.

1. Warm up- get the students comfortable by doing simple actions with them. Say and do the following, don’t worry if your students don’t follow you right away: clap your hands, jump, spin around, sit down, stand up. Also, I usually start out the lesson saying Hello and waving my arms.

2. Numbers- Practice counting objects from 1-10, or using flash cards. If the students are comfortable with numbers, play a simple touch game. Call out the number and ask the students to touch.

3. Song- Let’s Count 1 to 10, a free Dream English download.

4. Alphabet-Using flash cards introduce the alphabet from A to Z. You may want to introduce phonics at this point, or just the alphabet letters. Next, have the students stand up and make the shapes of ABC with their body.

5. Song-ABC Song, another free Dream English download.

6. Colors- introduce the colors using flashcards, objects, or items around the room. Try to have the students repeat after you.

7. Song-Color Song, yes another Dream English free download

8. Coloring- this is optional, but you can use crayons to have the students repeat the names of the colors again. Then have them color something simple. MES English has many free coloring sheets.

9. Read a book- Any book for kids is great. I recommend asking the students questions when reading. “What do you see on the page? flowers, that’s right. What color are they? how many?”

10. Goodbye Song- I use the Dream English Goodbye song, though you can use anything you like. I just make sure to say thank you to the kids when we are finished, and ask them to repeat.

Ok, these are some suggestions and ideas. One other point is that it is important not to force the beginners to speak right away. Once they become comfortable they will begin speaking. The time this takes varies from student to student. Be creative, and have fun, I hope this helps!


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  1. Hey Matt,
    Love reading ur posts and they always help me think of new ideas. Any thought on Christmas movement games for 2 year olds??

    Since September we have looked at primary colours, shapes, days of the week, big n small , emotions , farm animals and body parts .
    It’s a real challenge to do movement work as they running and I have some hitters but they love it.

    I was thinking of making an velcro Xmas tree and looking at xmas langauge that way but can’t think of anything else that cld work. Also haven’t found any Xmas songs that are simple enough.

    Looking forward to reading ur thought,


    • Hi-You could try simple things like touch games with flashcards. Place the Christmas Flash Cards on the ground, and ask the students to touch the one you call out. Or, sit in a circle and pass and say the cards. Kids love this. I have a new video with some actions, this may be fun: I hope this helps a bit!

  2. Hi Matt,

    I’m currently tutoring a 3 year old, but I’m having some difficulties with him. He attends International School (I live in Beijing), so he actually understands most of what I’m saying to him. If I shout out the word (color, etc), he could actually point out which flashcard it is (with 100% accuracy). His Chinese is fluent but he barely speaks a word of English. How do I get him to speak it?


    • Hi Vanessa, This is a good question. Children begin to speak at different times, especially for the second language. If he is going to an International school full time, he will most likely begin to speak English naturally before long. However, if you want to try to help him speak in your lesson, play games where he has to speak in order to continue. For example, the tower game, you can learn more about that here: I don’t have the perfect answer, but just continue to do things that encourage him to speak English, and don’t try to force it. It will come. Best of luck!

    • Hi Vanessa,
      What about reading and then giving him some basic comprehension questions. If he’s not ready to give a word or answer let him sequence the story and then descibe in with ur help.
      I would you plenty of songs and chants which are the perfect way for him to practice speaking. Balls games might be fun as well where u say something and he has to repeat it. Eventually you can build the words to short sentances.
      Encourage to you use basic phrases etc. Eg can I go to the toilet, please and thank you.
      Hope this helps,
      Best wishes,

  3. Hi I am working in a Montessori class in china with 2-6yr olds. The new group knows no English and the bigger kids a bit. How do I work with all of them together and not have the bigger kids get bored while with the younger ones? should I try and split the groups maybe?
    Regards Hannelie

    • Hi! Good question. You could split them into groups. I have taught classes with age and level ranges, and I tend to teach to the higher levels and all kids at once. Two years old will pick up stuff here and there, so you could focus on the older ones. Of course, there are probably some activities that the 6 year olds can handle that the 2 year olds can not. Songs they can all sing together. Experiment, and do your best. These ages can be a challenge, so mostly have a lot of fun! Best of luck!

      • Thanks this all make sense…have been worried about teaching the smaller ones but they will pick up from the bigger ones…just want them to have fun while learning and not be bored…thank you very much!

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