Lesson plan based on Brown Bear, Brown Bear for 2-6 year olds

March 26, 2008 at 7:27 am | Posted in Children's Classes, Teaching Tips: Reading | 3 Comments

I really like the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr.,Eric Carle, and I teach it often in my classes of 2-6 year olds. Here is a lesson plan that is a great review of the book, and colors. You will need the book Brown Bear, crayons, and a piece of paper with a drawing of a bear, a frog, a fish, and a duck.

1. Warm up the kids- sing a song, etc.

2. Read Brown Bear to the kids, try to get them to read along, or repeat after you if you can.

3. Hand out the crayons, after reviewing all the colors with the students. You can have them repeat after you, or if they are older ask them, “What color is this?”

4. Hand out the paper with the animals drawn on it, and explain to the students that you are going to ask them to color the animals the color you ask.

5. Ask the students, “Please color the bear brown.” You may need to help them find which one is the bear, and which one is brown, if they are younger students. Continue with all the animals. If the students are advanced, you can say, “color the bears ears blue, and its feet brown” etc.

This is a fun exercise, and the kids really enjoy it. If you are not a good drawer to draw the animals, ask a friend, or do your best. The kids won’t mind, as long as the animals are recognizable. You could also print out from these free downloads of Brown Bear animal coloring sheets.

Have fun!


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  1. While reading the book, when a color comes up I get the kids to look for other things that color in the room etc

    and then go through some more animal flashcards and see if they can put the color with the animal

  2. That’s a nice idea. Very creative, I will have to try it soon with my students. Thanks!

  3. I made a hopscotch game by scanning the pictures from the book and laminating them. The children had to tell me what picture it was they were standing on. If they didn´t know and someone else guessed correctly, it was that child´s turn. They were very motivated to remember the new vocabulary so that they could have extra turns and had a lot of fun doing so.

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