Less than a cup of coffee, English Kids Songs

March 11, 2008 at 12:20 pm | Posted in Teaching ESL Songs | Leave a comment
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I posted previously about the Dream English free kids songs that I have on my website. I am really happy to be able to offer these songs for free. As I mentioned before, they are being sung by children around the world. As I’m writing this I just got an email from Celeste in Portugal about the Free Easter Song. She says,” Your song is simply adorable, specially for little children, keep singing.” Thanks Celeste, and the others who write to me every day.

I also have a bunch of songs that you can buy for less than One US Dollar, or can be bought together as part of an album. These songs are also used all around the world, and I personally use them with all of my students. So if you like the free songs, please click here to check out my other songs. They are affordable, less than a cup of coffee in most places, and can bring hours of smiles and singing in English to your Children’s classes. Here is a list of the songs from Dream English Kids Songs Volume 1:

1. What’s Your Name?
2. It’s A Dog
3. I Can Walk
4. Let’s Count 1 to 10
5. Let’s Count 10 to 1
6. Numbers Blues
7. ABC Traditional (Dream English version)
8. Apple, Banana, Cat, ABC!
9. Trick or Treat (I like Candy)
10. How’s The Weather?
11. Goodbye
12. Phonics (A to Z)
13. Name (Karaoke)
14. Dog (Karaoke)
15. I Can Walk (Karaoke)


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