The Importance of Songs in the Children’s ESL Classroom

January 28, 2008 at 9:09 am | Posted in Teaching ESL Songs | 2 Comments
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I’m currently teaching English in Japan. Every time I visit a school to teach, I always hear music. Kids are singing, dancing and playing to music. Of course, being in Japan the songs are in Japanese. So how does this translate to the ESL classroom? First of all using music creates a comfortable environment. Something the students are used to, in what at first can be a very unfamiliar environment. If you are using the right songs, it can really set the mood and enhance the good feelings of a class.

Learning Language through Songs

I feel it is really important to pre-teach language used in songs. However, I have been in situations where this isn’t always possible. What always amazes me is through repetition, the kids start singing the songs in English. Why is this? Well of course because of the repetition, for one. Also, if you will allow me to theorize for a moment, from a very young age children are learning songs that they might not yet understand the words for in their native language. So the learning of songs, and lyrics, is a learned habit. I know my daughter was singing songs before she could talk.

And Finally….

It’s fun! Maybe this should have come first. I really enjoy singing and dancing with my students, and by their smiling faces, and great singing in English, they do too!

Off to teach…..



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  1. i totally agree tat using songs in classroon.. Skinner (1952) imitate, practise & form into habit.

  2. Love this

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